The Best Question to Ask

One of my favorite questions that I am constantly asking and answering is: What should I read next?

I love getting book recommendations from friends, and I love giving recommendations. A friend of mind recently found this web site:


Simply enter the name of your latest favorite book or author, and then choose the closest option from the drop down list. Then, the site gives you recommendations based on… science, maybe? Magic? I’m not really sure how it works, but it really works. That’s how I found John Green (based on my love of all things written by Markus Zusak). So it really works.

According to the web site, the next authors I should check out are: Paul Hautman and Maureen Johnson. I’ve never heard of Hautman, but I checked out his web site and some blurbs of his books and they look like they’re exactly the type of of thing I love. And I have this nagging feeling that I read something by Maureen Johnson (probably a short story… in a book with a John Green short story…), so that’s also a good sign.

Any other recommendations?


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