Copy Editing is Never Funnn

I’m copy editing some short stories so that I can (hopefully, soon) get them together in an ebook, like I did for my poetry.

Someone once told me a trick to copy editing: read the copy backwards to find spelling mistakes. It seems like it might work sometimes. My brain tends to fill in gaps when I’m reading, especially if it’s something I’ve read over and over again. But I’m not totally convinced that the backwards trick will help me find those missing words or letters. I’ve noticed that a lot of my typos are homophones, like replacing to for too, or hear for here. It’s … embarrassing, mostly, since I really pride myself on grammar and the like.

Do you have any tricks for copy editing? I sure could use them.

I think the real trick is just sitting down with pen and paper and being very patient. Yeesh, I hate patience.


2 responses to “Copy Editing is Never Funnn

  1. I have found that reading out loud does wonders! When I try to speak the words as they are written, mistakes become glaringly obvious. I’ll literally sit with a highlighter and a pen as I speak. Whenever something jumps out or my reading falters over something that’s “weird,” I mark it. 🙂

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