A Storybook Poem

I wrote this poem and made a little book for my niece and nephew (after sewing two owl stuffed animals for them — yes, it was a weirdly productive weekend)…

The Owl Asked Who?

A gift appeared below
so low below
surprised me

High up
high up
sitting high up
in my high tree

The gift appeared below
I said,
I wondered, saying

Around and round I looked
I searched
but never
Knew WHO

So I perched,
I stretched,
I flew,
I dropped
to see that gift below me

I lit, I stayed
my feet on the ground
by the base of my
high tree

I opened the gift
my surprise
it was a red,
red strawberry

The air, the sun,
tree, wind
and heat,
The day so
very merry

But WHO to thank?
I looked and found
not a single soul

The day, it begged,
it beckoned,
begging me
to take a stroll

I climbed the hill
turned away from
the tree

I left my perch,
my place,
left behind me

I strolled and flew,
felt the sun’s heat
on my wings

It was the perfect day
for a stroll
Perfect for
perfect things

In the sun
I saw it,
the sun shown the
strawberry patch

The strawberry patch is
where I found my friend
I met my friend
I found my match

We sat and talked,
we laughed,
I knew.
I finally knew.
I knew WHO.

My perfect day was
perfect because
my perfect WHO
was you!


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