Well… This Is Embarrassing…

So, my new ebook with 4 short stories is published AND… I want to do some fun giveaways on my blog!

I don’t really know how to do that. I can generate a coupon, and I know that I want to do some giveaways where commenters can win a FREE download, but I’m not sure HOW exactly to get the winner (and the winner ONLY) their coupon.

Anyone know how this works? Do the commenters all have to put their email addresses in the comments? Yikes – it’s a little scary that I don’t really know how to do this.

Has anyone done something like this before? Um, I can give you a free download of my book if you can tell me how to do it…



4 responses to “Well… This Is Embarrassing…

  1. Christy … I did a giveaway and asked people to answer a question in the comments. I gave them extra chances for if they followed my blog or my facebook page or my twitter account.

    I had only a few people sign up so I put everyone’s name in a hat (multiple times for those who had done several things to get extra chances) and then had Stephen pull the name out of the hat.

    Because they had left a comment, I had their email address. If wordpress doesn’t collect that, you can ask for people to put the email address in the comment. (remind them to format it like this gracefuljourney at gmail.com … that way the email can’t get automatically lifted off your site)

    Then you can email them the coupon code.

    If you have a ton of people sign up, you can also use random.org to generate a winning number.

    Does this help?


  2. The only thing I could think of, would be to make a free contest e-mail address for yourself, like ebookcontest@gmail.com or some other free e-mail provider, then post this address on your blog or contest announcement. You could have contestants respond to that e-mail address, or you could announce the winner of the comment contest, then ask the winner to e-mail you at that address so you can give them a link or download address. You could always eliminate or block the address after the contest.
    Is that too complicated?

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