Lies Like Vines – Poem

Creepy crawly twining vines
Twists and turns, weaves and winds
Up, Up, Up it slithers to rise
Sinks in its claws, those sneaky lies

They grab ahold and won’t let go
With every breath this lie will grow
You can’t go back, it won’t relent
Regret is the sun and water is torment

The vines grow up and out and wide
The lie takes over, there’s nowhere to hide
And when it has covered the entire place
Its weight bears down upon the space

It creaks and pulls and seeks to break
each branch of truth, this fibbing snake
Each cool hand yanks a piece of fact
With rumbles and roars the story’s cracked

The vines, they’re climbing to the top
It won’t end there, these vines don’t stop
A timber falls, a grunt and groan
I left it open, abandoned and prone

The snaps and snarls are perfect distraction
For the lie-vines’ obscure, ulterior infraction
For while it pulls and heaps and drowns
I don’t notice the squeezing through the sounds

The vines have made it up to my throat
The symphony of carnage is its finest gloat
With one breath and two I choke on the lies
These lies, like vines, my story’s demise.


5 responses to “Lies Like Vines – Poem

  1. I absolutely love how you created such a strong image with the vine. This is a little darker than some of your other work, but I think this is one of my favorites! Nicely done! πŸ™‚

    • and of course I thought of cacophony this morning, but that’s what happens when I don’t do rough drafts. Symphony has a more delicate sound anyway, perhaps creepier. Any reason in particular that you feel busted?

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