I’m Published! … Kind of….

One of my short stories, Hot Heat, which was published by Untied Shoelaces of the Mind last year, made it to their anthology. So today, I received my contributor copy in the mail. What fun, to flip through an actual book and see my words and my name in there! (and… you know how I love to flip through books!)

I highly recommend checking out Untied Shoelaces of the Mind and submitting your great stories to them. I found them to be very responsive and personable, and they are a PAYING market. Very easy and hassle-free, plus it’s really nice to get paid for your work. The stories they publish are high quality.

Here’s a snippet of Hot Heat, and of course, you can read more at their web site.

She stares, probably deciding if I’m for real or not. But how could I not be? What kind of a person would kiss a girl and confess a fake crush for the purpose of stealing the title of valedictorian?

A unique guy, that’s who.

She smiles and a flush creeps up her cheeks. “Shoe, I had no idea.”

I take her hand.

And that’s where it ends. For her, I mean.

Read more.


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