Ode to sudafed

Sudafed, sweet sudafed, you killed my wretched cold.
And just for that, dear sudafed, you deserve an ode.

Sudafed, your actions met up with your description.
You ridded headache and sinus pressure, all without prescription.
(**But you do have to sign for it behind the counter at the pharmacy)

Sudafed, with tea and soup you gave me needed rest.
And now there’s no congestion in my throat or in my chest.

Sudafed, I have a trash can filled with my used tissues.
Now you’ve solved my stuffed up nasal cavity issues.

Sudafed, I’m achey and I just want to get sleep.
But I can breathe less noisily now, there’s not a single peep.

Sudafed, I wish your fixes weren’t so quick to flee!
For sudafed, you’ve made this day more liveable for me!


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