My Good Excuses

I’ve been on hiatus. On a break. The blog has been dormant. You get the picture. But I have such good excuses!

There’s good reason I’ve taken time off and it’s been months and months since I’ve posted. I’ve been so busy that I have barely put pen to paper (in my personal life). So here are my excuses. They’re good excuses, I swear.

1. I got a job where I’m writing full time! So it’s hard to take a break from writing to write. But I will. It’s officially been a year since I started this job, so it’s time to make the transition.

2. I got engaged…

3. And then I totally got married!


(How gorgeous is that family?!)

In the span of three short months, I got engaged and married, and have been adjusting to married life with a new husband and my two new puppies and a new house and… yeah, it’s been a busy few months.

4. Did I mention puppies? Two. JACK RUSSELLS. So, they keep me busy, too.


So those are my excuses. And, you’ve gotta admit, they’re pretty good. But I’m making the promise, right here, right now, that I’m getting back to writing. I’m brainstorming for a new short story and I’ll be putting together new poems and posting regularly again soon. You can hold me to it!


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