These Boys (Poem)

Zip and Rascal, tired out from being up to no good

These boys, they chase me
they romp and race me
And these boys, they drive me
out of my mind

These boys, they cuddle
they poop and they puddle
And these boys, they sneak
and attack from behind

They know “sit” and “come”
but when called they play dumb
They leave hair everywhere
(As do I, to be fair)
They never obey
Unless I say “Play”
They tunnel and dash
They eat up the trash
They pee on the floor
and run out the door
They beg for food
And are jumpy and rude

But these boys, they’ve got me
right where they want me
And these boys, I’m wrapped round
their cute little tails

Yes these boys, they bark
and one’s more like a shark
But their licks and snuggles
never do fail


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