Merry Christmas – FREE eBook!

If you’ve read this blog for some time, you’ve seen that I love to write, and that I post serial stories on this blog. I formatted the reunion story into an ebook and have published it on smashwords. And … it’s FREE!

If you’d like a free copy or know someone who may, you can download it here:

This book will always, always, always be free. And, if you’d like a FREE copy of any of my other ebooks from smashwords, all you have to do is ask (I love giving things for free!).

Happy holidays!

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The Nineties Called And They Want Their ____ Back…

Winner (by default) of the last giveaway is my couponing friend Lori, who I sent the free coupon to, even though she didn’t comment on the blog. I’ll quit the giveaways and if you want a coupon for a free download, just make a comment stating so, and I’ll gladly send you one via email! I’m serious — I’d love for anyone to read my stories.

In honor of all things high school, I’m posting some pictures of me from when I was in high school.

Insert “The 90s called and they want their (blank) back” joke here. Oh, no seriously – comment a joke if you can finish that. That would be funny.



The Best Revenge You’ve Ever Had — Win a FREE download!

“Sophie!” she squealed and the kids around us jumped. That’ll teach them to eavesdrop.


“Your passport picture is so super-duper cute!” She grabbed my passport out of my hand. It was not cute, believe me. She pulled out her own picture.

“Mine is so terrible,” she moaned. She put them side-by-side so I could see her photo. I’ve seen less seductive expressions on Victoria’s Secret models.

“Oh my gosh, everyone look at how cute Sophie’s picture is and how awful mine is!” She passed them around the bus.

I sighed and looked at my watch: only seven hours and fifty-eight minutes to go.

From “Truly Glorious,” the sophomore year story in my collection of short stories: High School Stories

It’s giveaway #2 on my blog today! The winner of the first giveaway is CB Wentworth! I’ll email you the coupon code for a free download from my yahoo email address. Enjoy!

High school and bullies go together like principals and detention. In the second story in High School Stories, Sophie ends up having to spend an entire weekend with her nemesis, Charity, while they room together on the band trip. Charity seems intent on trying to make Sophie’s weekend as bad as possible. First, she stole Sophie’s boyfriend, now they’re rooming together, and it seems like Charity is ready to go after the two friends that Sophie makes on the trip!

Have you ever had to deal with a bully? What’s your best revenge story? Subscribe to my blog and share the story below to enter for a chance to win a free download of High School Stories! You can share your story even if you already won a download — don’t worry, I”ll keep track. Winner will be announced in 48(ish) hours.

High School Stories – eBook Giveaway #1

My new ebook, High School Stories, is up and available for download at Smashwords!

Regular price is $3.99 and for the month of July, it’s on sale for 50% OFF with the coupon code: SSW50.


There’s more…

You can win a FREE download just by subscribing to my blog & commenting below! Here’s the fine print: I’ll post four giveaways (this one is number 1) and ask a question. Respond to the question in comments and subscribe to my blog. After 48 hours of posting the giveaway blog, I’ll put the names of the eligible commenters in a hat and pull out 1 winner per blog entry (so four winners in all will receive a free download of my collection of short stories). I’ll email that person the coupon code for the FREE download. If you have questions, please raise them in comments, because you’re probably not the only person with questions. Remember, this is my first giveaway, so I’m kind of winging it here. There’s nothing scientific about it… at all.

The first short story in the collection is called Nosepicker, and is about a freshman named Theo who is desperate to change the reputation that has, uh, stuck with him all these years. You see, he has a bad habit of getting caught with his finger up his nose. It’s embarrassing and even more so since he’s not really doing what everything thinks he’s doing.

What about you? Do you have any embarrassing memories from high school? Anything that still makes you slightly cringe, years later? Share your favorite blush-worthy high school memory in comments, and you’ll be entered to win a free download of High School Stories, which starts out with Nosepicker (and find out what happens to Theo!). Enjoy! I’ll post the next giveaway in 48(ish) hours and announce the winner from this blog post!

One more thing: until the end of July, you can download my other ebook, Poetic Pause: A Book of Poems for FREE with the coupon code: SSWSF.

Judging a Book By Its Cover

One of my favorite things to do in a bookstore is to walk around the fiction section (especially the young adult section) and gaze at the covers. I love to imagine what “my” covers would look like. I like to imagine this while I’m writing the stories, too. I look for what I like in a cover – fonts, images, style, empty spaces. Each little nuance conveys some emotion, don’t you think?

What do you like in book covers? What do you imagine for a cover for your own story? What catches your eye when you’re browsing in a bookstore?

I’m so excited to unveil the cover of my next ebook (hopefully to appear next week sometime on smashwords). The cover was done by a graphic design student named Savannah Holder, who I got to know through some other work she did for the charity: water fundraiser I held with some friends. Savannah’s design captures everything I wanted for my collection of short stories, and I think it’ll be quite the eye-catcher! Here’s the cover of my next ebook, a collection of four short stories that will be called High School Stories:

Something old, something new

I’ve been a bit of a slacker this week with posting, so here’s two poems.

The first one, A Like Poem, is in my ebook of poetry, which you can still download for FREE until the end of May. Then the next one, which I just call Nathanael right now is a new one.

A Like Poem

We’re alike in different ways
Alike but different is sometimes okay

We’re alike but we talk differently;
Put me the South, but keep the Jersey in me

Alike and different, we split them in half
I try to be sad, but you make me laugh

We’re alike but we do different things;
I watch from the sidelines while you pull the strings

Alike but different is how we’ll stay
Alike but different is sometimes okay


Here am I sitting
under a fig tree
when you come along and
say Follow Me

My old life is dead
my soul is set free
I’ve been Nathanael
a proud pharisee

I climb to see you
from the sycamore tree
when you call me down and
then dine with me

My old life is dead
my soul is set free
I’ve been Zaccheus
a proud pharisee

I take the forbidden
fruit from the tree
when you call me out and
then you clothe me

my old life is dead
my soul is set free
I’ve been Adam and Eve
a proud pharisee

Yes, as for me I grow
like a green olive tree
in your house I flourish
for you so love me

my old life is dead
my soul is set free
I’m like David the psalmist
redeemed, your grace, holy