Patience for the Petulant- A Poem

What took me so long

Until I came around

With my head in the clouds

And my feet on the ground


And these days when I fix

My eyes upon us

I think back to when time

Seemed so unjust


How I wondered and wandered

And wrangled and worried

And now I know that

Life shouldn’t be hurried


My eyes were set downward

And I was called petulant

But change was a-comin’

Transformation was imminent


So I say and I think to myself

Why it took me

So long to see

This shift that has shook me


My heart and my hands,

From my top to my bottom

Just what I was needing,

Now I have gotten


Patient Love (Poem)

Have Patience, My Love
when the world is your judge
when life shifts and woes nudge
when your friends hold a grudge
and you wade through the sludge
just to trudge as a drudge

I won’t budge.

Take Heart, My Sweet One
when you’ve had your fill
of both bores and of thrills
the battle seems uphill
but your soul took a spill
and your will needs a refill

I’ll be still.

My Dear Heart, My Sweet Love
in the tossing and tumbling,
in reaching and fumbling,
in the chaos and storm
I’ll be strength when you’re worn.

Life may crash or might quake
And we’ll bend but won’t break
What it gives, we can take
Hearts will wake, but not ache

I won’t shake.