Trivial Things (Poem)

Piles of boxes line each wall
A precarious mess, that threaten to fall

Stacks upon stacks of trivial things
Oh, the weighty trouble these boxes bring

Picking my way, so carefully treading
Stepping and stirring, unaware of where I’m heading

These boxes impede and mislead; I despair
I plead to be freed of the cell that we share

The dust takes hold and obstructs my breath
These piles won’t be my last sight before death

I grip at the boxes, pulling everything down
While those trivial things unload and abound

Those dusty boxes, those burdens and fears
Have compiled and swelled in this room through the years

A window, a door, a crack in the wall
I search for my exit, I grapple and crawl

And just when the darkness and dust seems its worst
I find my opening and tumble headfirst


Moving Along (Poem)

Moving along
and stumbling ahead
Ripping and splitting
you out of my head

The lesson you force-fed
me when I was young
Like a bitterness
on the tip of my tongue

I spit you out
Fling you far, far away
But you return with gusto
If only you’d stay

Moving along
I’m gone and I’m free
You creep back and sneak in
where you shouldn’t be

Age and heart take the
brunt of your force
The ransacking chaos
of your brazen course

Your hit-and-run game
is so obscure
that I barely realize
I’m stuck on your detour

Moving along
I’m breaking apart
Hoping my next fight
leaves me my heart

Another Love Poem

Somewhere deep inside of me
the words shout out, cacophony
it wasn’t til we met, you see
The words turned into poetry

The tune began to softly play
as I walked down that sandy way
to meet you where the palm leaves sway
that new year’s morn, our wedding day

I hold these words inside my soul,
the songs and rhymes our love has told
of how a thief broke in a stole
a half a heart to make one whole

This love began beside an ocean,
waves and words concoct a potion
So now we’ve set it into motion
a poetry of sweet devotion

These Woods (Poem)

Let’s pick our way through nettles
And romp among the brooks
Singing and sliding down muddy hills
These woods are made for adventure.

Let’s hide in the roots of the tallest trees
and shout and laugh and play
Resting and racing through falling leaves
These woods hold hidden treasure.

You fly like Peter and I’ll be Wendy
in a mystical, magical land
Vines rise like masts and this log is a plank
These woods hold worlds of wonder

The Return

It’s coming back to me now

The who and the how

The what, where and why

Like a ghost on a prowl


It comes back with a hush

Then all in a rush

Like an artist who waits

Hand clenched ‘round a brush


And it comes like a dream

A soft, flowing stream

That bubbles and dips

And the words burst and teem


I’ll breathe it in deeply

Immerse in it completely


This lost memory

That has come back to me


It comes back once again

These words from my pen

I capture and cherish

This lost, now found friend

Red as Fire (Poem)

Raging red as fire
and autumn leaves
sharp as spears,
your restless peace

Words strike like stones
pierce and consume me
burn and scar
but I won’t let them ruin me

splendor and holy and
blinding like sun
majestic and awesome
all three in one

like candles at midnight to
explore the love whole
your light is so bright in the
dark of my soul

like rocks and stones on
your foundation I stand
your heat brings my feet from
the sinking quicksand

like songs of your praise that
my mouth yearns to sing
your face full of grace and
the faithfulness your bring

My Good Excuses

I’ve been on hiatus. On a break. The blog has been dormant. You get the picture. But I have such good excuses!

There’s good reason I’ve taken time off and it’s been months and months since I’ve posted. I’ve been so busy that I have barely put pen to paper (in my personal life). So here are my excuses. They’re good excuses, I swear.

1. I got a job where I’m writing full time! So it’s hard to take a break from writing to write. But I will. It’s officially been a year since I started this job, so it’s time to make the transition.

2. I got engaged…

3. And then I totally got married!


(How gorgeous is that family?!)

In the span of three short months, I got engaged and married, and have been adjusting to married life with a new husband and my two new puppies and a new house and… yeah, it’s been a busy few months.

4. Did I mention puppies? Two. JACK RUSSELLS. So, they keep me busy, too.


So those are my excuses. And, you’ve gotta admit, they’re pretty good. But I’m making the promise, right here, right now, that I’m getting back to writing. I’m brainstorming for a new short story and I’ll be putting together new poems and posting regularly again soon. You can hold me to it!