High School Stories – eBook Giveaway #1

My new ebook, High School Stories, is up and available for download at Smashwords!

Regular price is $3.99 and for the month of July, it’s on sale for 50% OFF with the coupon code: SSW50.


There’s more…

You can win a FREE download just by subscribing to my blog & commenting below! Here’s the fine print: I’ll post four giveaways (this one is number 1) and ask a question. Respond to the question in comments and subscribe to my blog. After 48 hours of posting the giveaway blog, I’ll put the names of the eligible commenters in a hat and pull out 1 winner per blog entry (so four winners in all will receive a free download of my collection of short stories). I’ll email that person the coupon code for the FREE download. If you have questions, please raise them in comments, because you’re probably not the only person with questions. Remember, this is my first giveaway, so I’m kind of winging it here. There’s nothing scientific about it… at all.

The first short story in the collection is called Nosepicker, and is about a freshman named Theo who is desperate to change the reputation that has, uh, stuck with him all these years. You see, he has a bad habit of getting caught with his finger up his nose. It’s embarrassing and even more so since he’s not really doing what everything thinks he’s doing.

What about you? Do you have any embarrassing memories from high school? Anything that still makes you slightly cringe, years later? Share your favorite blush-worthy high school memory in comments, and you’ll be entered to win a free download of High School Stories, which starts out with Nosepicker (and find out what happens to Theo!). Enjoy! I’ll post the next giveaway in 48(ish) hours and announce the winner from this blog post!

One more thing: until the end of July, you can download my other ebook, Poetic Pause: A Book of Poems for FREE with the coupon code: SSWSF.


The Best Question to Ask

One of my favorite questions that I am constantly asking and answering is: What should I read next?

I love getting book recommendations from friends, and I love giving recommendations. A friend of mind recently found this web site: http://www.whatshouldireadnext.com/


Simply enter the name of your latest favorite book or author, and then choose the closest option from the drop down list. Then, the site gives you recommendations based on… science, maybe? Magic? I’m not really sure how it works, but it really works. That’s how I found John Green (based on my love of all things written by Markus Zusak). So it really works.

According to the web site, the next authors I should check out are: Paul Hautman and Maureen Johnson. I’ve never heard of Hautman, but I checked out his web site and some blurbs of his books and they look like they’re exactly the type of of thing I love. And I have this nagging feeling that I read something by Maureen Johnson (probably a short story… in a book with a John Green short story…), so that’s also a good sign.

Any other recommendations?