Thief (poem)

Oh Thief, you found me
in the middle of the night
And Thief, you were gone
before we could fight

Don’t stop, Thief.

Oh Thief, when was the dawn
of your arrival?
Thief, this movement has
brought my revival

Don’t stop, Thief.

Oh Thief, you’ve stolen
my heart and my soul
but Thief, you can keep
everything that you stole

Don’t stop, Thief.

Oh Thief, you’re a fighter
I’d never have known
Oh Thief, how the spoils
you’ve looted have grown

Don’t stop, Thief.

Oh Thief, you steal,
and you burgle and plunder
And Thief, you came at me
a force thick like thunder

Don’t stop, Thief.


Wild Winds – A Poem

A wild wind rushes
through the fields of
my heart

A tempest storms
through my soul

The heat and the rain
pound and tear
me apart

Zephyr shakes
and in breaking
makes whole

Life is etched
with precision
like cracks in a glass

But the cracks
make stronger
the vessel

Because beautifully
breaking and shaking
the mass

Builds strength for those
trials which we wrestle

The wrinkles and lines
that time does impart

Only builds and fills in
all our holes

So that when winds
come knocking and rocking
my heart

Its small breeze cannot match
my strong soul.

Caving In (Poem)

My anger is
red around the

It grows outward, a
raw mess with a
beat of its own

My heart is
spiked and secure,
a shiny light
encased in leather

My eyes are
and my mind is

My hands are
phantoms, feeling
for hope

My lips already forgot

Most of me has
surrendured but

my soul

…… still