Wild Winds – A Poem

A wild wind rushes
through the fields of
my heart

A tempest storms
through my soul

The heat and the rain
pound and tear
me apart

Zephyr shakes
and in breaking
makes whole

Life is etched
with precision
like cracks in a glass

But the cracks
make stronger
the vessel

Because beautifully
breaking and shaking
the mass

Builds strength for those
trials which we wrestle

The wrinkles and lines
that time does impart

Only builds and fills in
all our holes

So that when winds
come knocking and rocking
my heart

Its small breeze cannot match
my strong soul.


Patient Love (Poem)

Have Patience, My Love
when the world is your judge
when life shifts and woes nudge
when your friends hold a grudge
and you wade through the sludge
just to trudge as a drudge

I won’t budge.

Take Heart, My Sweet One
when you’ve had your fill
of both bores and of thrills
the battle seems uphill
but your soul took a spill
and your will needs a refill

I’ll be still.

My Dear Heart, My Sweet Love
in the tossing and tumbling,
in reaching and fumbling,
in the chaos and storm
I’ll be strength when you’re worn.

Life may crash or might quake
And we’ll bend but won’t break
What it gives, we can take
Hearts will wake, but not ache

I won’t shake.