The Nineties Called And They Want Their ____ Back…

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In honor of all things high school, I’m posting some pictures of me from when I was in high school.

Insert “The 90s called and they want their (blank) back” joke here. Oh, no seriously – comment a joke if you can finish that. That would be funny.




The Best Revenge You’ve Ever Had — Win a FREE download!

“Sophie!” she squealed and the kids around us jumped. That’ll teach them to eavesdrop.


“Your passport picture is so super-duper cute!” She grabbed my passport out of my hand. It was not cute, believe me. She pulled out her own picture.

“Mine is so terrible,” she moaned. She put them side-by-side so I could see her photo. I’ve seen less seductive expressions on Victoria’s Secret models.

“Oh my gosh, everyone look at how cute Sophie’s picture is and how awful mine is!” She passed them around the bus.

I sighed and looked at my watch: only seven hours and fifty-eight minutes to go.

From “Truly Glorious,” the sophomore year story in my collection of short stories: High School Stories

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High school and bullies go together like principals and detention. In the second story in High School Stories, Sophie ends up having to spend an entire weekend with her nemesis, Charity, while they room together on the band trip. Charity seems intent on trying to make Sophie’s weekend as bad as possible. First, she stole Sophie’s boyfriend, now they’re rooming together, and it seems like Charity is ready to go after the two friends that Sophie makes on the trip!

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