Celebration – A Poem

This clapping and dancing
this joy we emanate
for this is a day
to celebrate!

Beat the drum
watch, commemorate
don’t wait any longer
to celebrate!

Glorify, rejoice
let praise percolate
take this moment
to celebrate!

Let loose and feast
acclaim and jubilate
I can’t help
but celebrate!


With All Creation

This is the perfection of purpose:
that we each give and do
You are and I am
my identity is through you

This is the glory of grace:
that gift so freely consigned
I’m reminded¬†with each blink
the majesty defined

Rocks cry out
and mountains shout
rivers stream with praise

Lightning flashes
thunder clashes
even stars do blaze

Forests tremble
sands assemble
and the oceans roar

I join creation
sing adoration
as waves bow to the shore

Let Me Be – Poem

Let the letters and phrases and all of the words
that spill from my tongue and take flight like birds
Let them be
Let them be
graceful words

Let the things that I do, the actions I take
the pieces of me that I offer and break
Let it be
Let it be
pleasing to you

Let the sights I take in to my soul and my mind
the views that pass by the curtain of my eyes
Let them be
Let them be
all for you

Let the whole of me, the compass of my own
when I stand at your feet and your golden throne
Let me be
Let me be
faithfully good

Let my burden be light and the song that I sing
give life and love and shine upon everything
Let it be
Let it be
peaceful and strong