Patience for the Petulant- A Poem

What took me so long

Until I came around

With my head in the clouds

And my feet on the ground


And these days when I fix

My eyes upon us

I think back to when time

Seemed so unjust


How I wondered and wandered

And wrangled and worried

And now I know that

Life shouldn’t be hurried


My eyes were set downward

And I was called petulant

But change was a-comin’

Transformation was imminent


So I say and I think to myself

Why it took me

So long to see

This shift that has shook me


My heart and my hands,

From my top to my bottom

Just what I was needing,

Now I have gotten


New Love Poem

Our love is like the budding spring
A love that creates and bears everything

Our love is like a winter’s day
With warm cocoa to keep the frost away

Our love is like coffee with raw cookie dough
Like cuddling with puppies to watch a good show

Our love is like walking the beach at sunset
It’s like laughing and dreaming of plans not made yet

Our love is like hiking the highest of mountains
Then running back down to cool off in the fountains

It’s easy like sitting and talking at dinner
And lively like crowning a new 5K winner

Our love is like cooking a new recipe
Or finding a poem with perfect melody

Our love is a daybreak while birds sing so sweetly
It’s Key West and weddings and loving completely

Grover’s Corners – A Poem

Doesn’t the dawn look radiant now?
And even grey clouds do, too.
And aren’t the stars in the night
such a sight
and the midday sky so blue?

Doesn’t the air seem soft somehow?
And gently wafts the breeze.
And the flowers dance
in a sweet romance
with the swinging of the trees.

This rosy remembrance,
this lovely gaze
so new and warm and pure

This sun-tinged foresight
is a beautiful start to
ensure love endures evermore.


Like a Woman (Poem)

I love like a woman
who trusts completely
with words of truth
whispered so sweetly

I love like a woman
who has found a home
with arms to sweep me
from life on my own

I love like a woman
taken under the waves
a  tender surrender
saturates and saves

I love like a woman
both fierce and entirely
and love like a girl
softly and shyly

I love like a woman
a love swift and bold
expecting and watching
a future unfold.

Wide Open – Poem

I open wide my mouth
and swallow your name
the words rush out again
like rivers of flames

The sacrament pours in
heals and seals my tattered soul
the words that flow along reveal
and unravel like a scroll

In and out I drink and then
I’m drowning in this bliss
the words from my mouth
become faith’s healing kiss

I open wide my mouth
I hold tight with my fists
I release what I’ve been given
These words of life persist

I pour out your name
upon itching, hungry ears
I sing of freedom, grace and love
I’ll sing for all my years

Feed my starving tongue
So I can spill it out again
My song is free, my life is love
My words repeat your holy name.

Eyes Open Heart – Poem

When I saw through my eyes
All I saw was disguised
My head resounded denies
until I heard my heart’s cries

When I saw through my heart
I saw clearly and smart
I paused to restart
and gaze upon the love art

What had been all along
I thought I knew, but was wrong
Until I listened to the song
That my heart sang so strong

My eyes and heart free
Open now and full of glee

The past cannot revise
how long I stared with my old eyes

Had I known from the start
I would have searched with my heart