Another Love Poem

Somewhere deep inside of me
the words shout out, cacophony
it wasn’t til we met, you see
The words turned into poetry

The tune began to softly play
as I walked down that sandy way
to meet you where the palm leaves sway
that new year’s morn, our wedding day

I hold these words inside my soul,
the songs and rhymes our love has told
of how a thief broke in a stole
a half a heart to make one whole

This love began beside an ocean,
waves and words concoct a potion
So now we’ve set it into motion
a poetry of sweet devotion


New Love Poem

Our love is like the budding spring
A love that creates and bears everything

Our love is like a winter’s day
With warm cocoa to keep the frost away

Our love is like coffee with raw cookie dough
Like cuddling with puppies to watch a good show

Our love is like walking the beach at sunset
It’s like laughing and dreaming of plans not made yet

Our love is like hiking the highest of mountains
Then running back down to cool off in the fountains

It’s easy like sitting and talking at dinner
And lively like crowning a new 5K winner

Our love is like cooking a new recipe
Or finding a poem with perfect melody

Our love is a daybreak while birds sing so sweetly
It’s Key West and weddings and loving completely