Book Trailer: Nosepicker

Check out my new book trailer for the first short story in my ebook, High School Stories!


Judging a Book By Its Cover

One of my favorite things to do in a bookstore is to walk around the fiction section (especially the young adult section) and gaze at the covers. I love to imagine what “my” covers would look like. I like to imagine this while I’m writing the stories, too. I look for what I like in a cover – fonts, images, style, empty spaces. Each little nuance conveys some emotion, don’t you think?

What do you like in book covers? What do you imagine for a cover for your own story? What catches your eye when you’re browsing in a bookstore?

I’m so excited to unveil the cover of my next ebook (hopefully to appear next week sometime on smashwords). The cover was done by a graphic design student named Savannah Holder, who I got to know through some other work she did for the charity: water fundraiser I held with some friends. Savannah’s design captures everything I wanted for my collection of short stories, and I think it’ll be quite the eye-catcher! Here’s the cover of my next ebook, a collection of four short stories that will be called High School Stories:

A Storybook Poem

I wrote this poem and made a little book for my niece and nephew (after sewing two owl stuffed animals for them — yes, it was a weirdly productive weekend)…

The Owl Asked Who?

A gift appeared below
so low below
surprised me

High up
high up
sitting high up
in my high tree

The gift appeared below
I said,
I wondered, saying

Around and round I looked
I searched
but never
Knew WHO

So I perched,
I stretched,
I flew,
I dropped
to see that gift below me

I lit, I stayed
my feet on the ground
by the base of my
high tree

I opened the gift
my surprise
it was a red,
red strawberry

The air, the sun,
tree, wind
and heat,
The day so
very merry

But WHO to thank?
I looked and found
not a single soul

The day, it begged,
it beckoned,
begging me
to take a stroll

I climbed the hill
turned away from
the tree

I left my perch,
my place,
left behind me

I strolled and flew,
felt the sun’s heat
on my wings

It was the perfect day
for a stroll
Perfect for
perfect things

In the sun
I saw it,
the sun shown the
strawberry patch

The strawberry patch is
where I found my friend
I met my friend
I found my match

We sat and talked,
we laughed,
I knew.
I finally knew.
I knew WHO.

My perfect day was
perfect because
my perfect WHO
was you!

Poetic Pause: A Book of Poems

It finally happened.

I published my first ebook – Poetic Pause: A Book of Poems, and it’s available for download for 99┬ó

But… I have a super special offer for the month of May…

YOU can get it for FREE with this coupon code: ZX95Y

The coupon expires May 31, so make sure you download it soon!

ALL of the poems I’ve published on wordpress are in the book, plus many, many more (there are 41 poems in the book).

If you download, I hope you enjoy it!